Becoming Franklin Grocery

My grandmother "GranGran" taught me early in life the value of history, and appreciating the story behind the door, walls, & pictures. Our building was purchased by O.O. Smith in the 1930's. Mr. Franklin worked alongside Mr. Smith before he and his wife purchased it in the 50's. For over 30 years the Franklins were beloved in the community of Pittsburg. I hear that when folks opened the squeaky screen-door you were entering a place that welcomed you and served wonderful food. We hope to do the same for you. We welcome you to pause and embrace the good around us. It starts with our friends, family -- & our wonderful community.

Our Mission

Our family has been extremely passionate about healthy living and where our food comes from. We wanted to bring our passion of health and fitness together. Marrying the two gives you a better chance of success.

Sincerely, Debby